its like survivor except more challenging.



  1. awschrick Said:

    hoohoo owen said

  2. awschrick Said:

    tda is awsome as allways and there making a third season called total drama the mucical ps and duncan rocks! he sould win

  3. awschrick Said:

    in tda owen returnes some people said that jeff and dj returned linsday voted her self off that means that ducan is safe for now i think him and owen sould form a alianse they will probally get bolth to the finalls if they team up. duncan also comes back in season 3 not at the bigenig thou alot of people say lashana was fist befor heather but it was actually heather befor lashana and i think beath and harold have been on to long they sould go down i hope so and i Hate justin for trying to steal courtney from duncan.

  4. awschrick Said:


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